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NEWAV launches Abiliz, the first leasing offer accessible to people with reduced mobility.

In France, 70% of new cars are sold through leasing (long-term rental or lease with purchase option). Recently, President Emmanuel Macron launched a social leasing initiative to help low-income households access electric cars. However, until now, no leasing offer has been available for people with disabilities, even though they are the ones who need a car the most to get around.

The double burden of financial inaccessibility

For those in wheelchairs, a car is often the only accessible means of transportation due to the lack of suitable mobility solutions. Adapted vehicles are expensive because of the necessary modifications (bodywork, mechanics, accessories). For example, a new Renault Kangoo with a manual ramp can cost around €40,000. This high price is a significant barrier for more than 50% of people with disabilities and their families, who cannot afford this essential mobility solution. Without an adapted car, their professional, social, and daily lives are severely impacted.

The urgent need for Accessible Leasing solutions

Leasing is an ideal solution to enable people with reduced mobility to travel. However, until now, no financial institution has agreed to finance individuals with disabilities who wish to lease an adapted vehicle. The reasons include the risk of early vehicle return due to fragile health, a lack of understanding of specific adaptation needs, and the residual value of these "special cars".

NEWAV creates the first Accessible Leasing offer

At NEWAV, our mission is to make cars accessible to those who need them the most. We firmly believe that accessibility also means affordability, and we know the WAV market better than anyone. That's why we created Abiliz, the first leasing offer accessible to people with reduced mobility who need a car with a ramp. Social leasing must be inclusive and enable the less mobile to get around!

Discover Abiliz: A Mobility Revolution

Abiliz will offer a range of WAV (Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles) , both petrol and diesel, available for long-term rental or lease with purchase option, accessible to individuals. This offer will be gradually rolled out starting in June 2024. To stay updated on the launch of this revolutionary offer, follow our news on our website and social media.

Join us in this revolution of accessible mobility and help make the world more inclusive!


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